HYPERION is a non-profit energy community founded in 2020 based in Athens.

Its purpose is to provide its members with clean and cheap energy and to develop services and actions that contribute to a fair energy transition.

Members of HYPERION are households, organizations and local businesses.

  • To promote energy democracy and the social and solidarity economy in the energy sector.

  • To contribute to de-escalating the continuously increasing energy production and use of raw materials while simultaneously upgrading social and environmental well-being.

  • To tackle energy poverty.

  • To make sustainable use of local energy resources to meet the needs of the societies of Epirus.


  • Awareness raising, citizens empowerment, and capacity building

  • Knowledge transfer and foster networking with local authorities, organizations, Universities, and energy communities in Greece and abroad

  • Research

  • Production of clean energy for self-consumption

  • Energy storage and demand-side management

  • Sustainable mobility

  • Energy saving

  • Consulting

Projects / Under construction

Photovoltaic station

Project type: Collective self-consumption through virtual energy netting

Power: 499,5 KW

Installation: On the ground

Connection: Medium voltage network (MV)

Area: D.E. Stymphalia, Municipality of Sikyonia Corinthia

The YPERION Energy Community has completed the licensing process for the first 500KW photovoltaic plant in Corinth. The project is in the construction stage and will utilize the virtual energy offset model (Government Gazette 759B/5.3.2019).
This particular model enables the energy community to build a collective photovoltaic station and each member gets a percentage of it - depending on the energy needs they want to meet at home or in their business.

The energy produced is not sold, but is offset against the energy consumed and the user only pays the difference (in case he consumes more than he produces) or pays nothing (in case he produces as much as he consumes or more). Note that this refers to the energy we consume (cost of supply including any extraordinary surcharges such as adjustment clauses) and not to the remaining charges on the account (eg network fees, ETMEAR, YKO, etc.) which we continue to pay .

113 / 285

Members / Beneficiaries

75% Household | 15% Local Business | 10% Organizations

Categories of beneficiaries

355.000 €

Invested Funds

493,5 KW / 765.000 kWh

Installed Power / Annual energy production


Vulnerable households

328 tons / year

Reduction of CO2 emissions

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